Friday’s Fave Five

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It’s Friday (late, but still Friday) so I’m doing a Fave Friday post because it’s important for my well-being to focus on the good things of life right now. My post earlier today was heavy and things like that can cause me to focus on the negative, if I’m not intentional about redirecting my thoughts. 

Friday’s Fave Five
My five favorite things from this week. 
    1. Being home. I love to travel and try new things … but it’s nice to be home. May has been busy. Kayaking 28 miles on Pine Creek. Attending Book Expo America in NYC. Meeting some of the other Dream Year Participants at a conference in VA Beach.
Dream Year 2010
      2. A friend’s grad party for her daughter where I saw some old friends. 
      3. Spontaneous night out with girlfriends to celebrate one’s birthday. 
      4. Not dying during a twelve mile training run (run 8 minutes/walk 2 minutes, repeat again and again …) Longest run in seven years. Getting ready for 13 on the 13th! First half-marathon since being injured.

      5. Massage – to help me recover from #4 🙂 

Happy Friday!

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