Friday’s Fave Five

On a regular basis I try to look back over my day/week/month/year and remember the good things in my world, so when I saw Friday Fave Five hosted by Living to Tell the Story – I decided to join the party. If interested, click on the link above to read other Fave Five posts. 
My favorite things this past week were … 
1. Spending last Sunday at the beach (Ocean City, NJ) with my husband. The wind and temps made it sweatshirt weather, but the sun was beautiful. A two hour drive and we were there. First I took a short nap on the beach, followed by a 5-mile run on the packed sand at low tide (that’s my favorite place to run!) Another hour or two of relaxing before driving halfway home and stopping for dinner.

2. The lovely/delicious/perfect-ending-to-the-day dinner 
on the deck at Manayunk Brewery overlooking the Schuylkill River.
3. The Vegetable Bruschetta I had for dinner – 
it tasted even better than it looked.
4. Enough about the perfect Sunday – Tuesday had a fave also. A phone call with Kate from Bittersweet Creative, who’s designing a new website for me as part of the plan for my Dream Year.
5. And Thursday had a fave also – a visit with my doctor for results from a follow-up mammo I had last week after a brief scare last fall. Loved his words, “Everything looks great – all is well! No need to see me for at least a year.” 
What was the favorite part of your week? 

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five”

  1. That is good news from your doctor for sure! That food is calling to me. It really does look yummy. It's nice to spend time like that as a couple.
    Have a wonderful weekend…

  2. "Everything looks normal" is a wonderful thing to hear. I have a check up in April and am hoping to hear the same.

    Sounds like a good week.

  3. Sounds like you had a great week! This is the first time I have visited your blog and I'm already inspired by what I have seen. I plan to come back and spend some more time! Blessings to you!

  4. Great news from your doctor always makes for a great week!

    And a trip to the beach and bruschetta? What could be better?

    Happy weekend. (Glad you've joined us!)

  5. Hi Janet, Welcome to FFF! I've been doing this fave from the beginning and I love how it focuses my whole week on gratitude.

    Just today I was out at the 'other beach' in Southern California. Beaches are my favorite places too.

    Have a great week ahead. Willow

  6. Great words to hear from a doctor!

    Running on a beach would be such a neat experience with the water on one side of you. It sounds so invigorating.

    That looks like a really neat restaurant. We are so far away from patio eating yet in our parts. And your dinner looks delicious.

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