Friday Update on Joseph

Joseph is more alert and less confused today. He is still on a morphine drip, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting his mind as much. He remembers his fall … telling us that it was just a normal back flip (something he’s been doing for 3 years) and he landed on his arm with his elbow jamming into his side.

The doctors have given the okay to move forward a few steps today … catheter removed, clear liquid diet, stomach suction tube will be removed around noon and then getting out of bed later today. If all goes well, maybe out of ICU by tomorrow.

Please pray his temp comes down – it continues to be around 100 – but there are no other signs of infection, so they think its from inflammation.  

Yesterday’s update was fun to write … but as the day went on, I found myself concerned about his long-term recovery again. I’m encouraged after seeing him this morning and trying to rest in “the peace that passes all understanding.” 

3 thoughts on “Friday Update on Joseph”

  1. -just read you "Joey blog" this morning. Pretty Amazing when you think of the seriousness of a ruptured kidney. I thank God for His protection over him. I'm sure at some point Joey will wish (as Ivan has many times since his ski accident) for a 5 second "do over". -don't we all? Still this outcome could have been so much worse.
    You've all been in our thoughts and prayers. As someone else said, "I'm not sure which is harder being the patient or the one at the bedside". I know I don't care for either spot thank you very much! I'm not sure what this world would be like if we could "opt out" of suffering-gives us something to look forward to for eternity I suppose…
    I'd love to bring a meal/drop off a pizza or something when if would be helpful.
    Love and blessings to you all, Jeanette

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