Forgiveness is not an Event; it is a Way

A few days ago, I read this … Art is not a Thing; it is a Way.
I have been learning recently … Forgiveness is not an Event; it is a Way.

Step by step, I am learning that forgiveness is a choice … that it doesn’t just happen on its own. I suppose my unthought-out sense of forgiveness was that it was some event of letting go that would return things to normalcy. That is not the case. Now I am beginning to understand that forgiveness is a journey, a way of being … not an event. It is not about restoring things to some magical place where the reality of our lives did not happen. It is about relying on the Spirit of God to give me what I need to walk in forgiveness each day. It is also about establishing spiritual practices where I let go of the parts of my soul that are still living in the past. During bad moments it is hard for me to accept all that happened, changed and is challenging in my life. But I don’t want to stay there. I want to forgive … I want to walk in kindness, love and peace. Practicing forgiveness is like a rigorous marathon, but it is freeing. And a practice it is, because there is no ‘right’ way that brings peace on every step of the journey. But as the quote at the top of this blogsite says .. if I want to take a journey, it starts with a step.
-some thoughts from Time’s Fool

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