I love living in this day and age – a short 2 1/2 hour flight and I’m transported to the sun and warm temps of Orlando, Fl. I arrived here three days ago for the Synergy Conference. It’s been a weekend of meeting new friends – I’m a people person, but going to a conference where I don’t know a soul and sharing a room with a stranger, stretched me more than I thought it would. Actually, I think the fact that most everyone here had a few initials behind their names bothered me the most and made me feel insecure all weekend. And you know the game – when you feel insecure, you do and say stupid things that make you feel even more insecure!

And information overload – some new info, some old info said in a new way. Usually when I hear new information, it raises some questions for me and this weekend did that. Words like egalitarian and complementarian were regular topics of conversation – thank God for internet access to do some quick research.

I also attended a few writing workshops – one by Lauren Winner. Now if I can take what I learned and apply it to the rewrite of my book!

Another thing I love about our age is the connections we can make online – I met Janet Oberholtzer (the other one) online over a year ago. This Janet is an Oberholtzer by birth and I am by marriage – but as we connected at Facebook, we were surprised how alike we are, both run, love to read, love coffee and dark chocolate. She works for Synergy, so we connected this weekend and had dinner together last night. She’s nice and some of her personality reminds me of Jerry – there’s a good chance they are related, because her family moved from PA to Indiana a few generations ago. Someday we will have do some research on our families.

I ran yesterday – 2 miles and felt great! 4.6 miles on April 4th is looking doable! Hope to build up to 3 miles this week and then 4 the next week.

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