Faithful – to What?

Confused by rules and religion, but sensing there’s a creator of the world and of her – she makes a commitment to seek the ways of the creator, more than the ways of others. The place, time and desire of that commitment stays clear in her mind. 

Time moves on – big and little life events happen. She continues seeking. She revisits her commitment and the meaning of it. Some days there’s clarity and peace – other times there’s confusion. There’s many late-night discussions. 
What was that commitment made to … a creator, a way, a group, a place, a religion, a party, a lifestyle, a belief? 
Certain words and ‘truths’ about them are everywhere … post/pre – allowed/caused – Bible/science – blue/red – control/free will – hate/love – answers/mysteries – men/women – equal/unequal.
Other words get slapped with a right or wrong way … church, fast, pray, small group, worship, read your Bible in KJV or NIV … or wait should it be the ASV or the HCSB? 
Her mind is cluttered with thoughts embraced, discarded and then some embraced again. At times, the more answers she seeks, the more confusing the creator seems. 
Time to breathe deep and revisit the commitment … the commitment was to seek her creator – that hasn’t changed. That is not clutter. That is inviting. She can be faithful to that commitment. 

If you’ve made a spiritual/religious commitment  – what did you commit to and why?

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8 thoughts on “Faithful – to What?”

  1. She looked up from her tears and empty hands, to commit her life holding onto His, no matter what came her way.

    She was all she had.

    What a cool prompt of a post … you, faith barista, you! 🙂

  2. Some days there's clarity and peace – other times there's confusion. There's many late-night discussions.

    It's not difficult to relate to those words, Janet. I believe making a commitment isn't easy… there will always be something to throw us off track and confuse us. Being faithful is tough.

    Great post!

  3. I am committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. In Him, everything else to which I might be committed is safe. I am committed to showing honor to His name and the name of His Father at any cost.

    Thank you for asking, Janet, for causing us to remember.

  4. This post is fabulous — and I love this: the commitment was to seek her creator – that hasn't changed. That is not clutter. That is inviting. She can be faithful to that commitment.

    thank you!


  5. A pastor once said, "The men who drove planes into buildings on Sept 11 were faithful and committed."

    Your question is THE essential one: faithful and committed to whom?

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