Exercise-induced Asthma

Running for me now (post-accident) involves different issues than it used to, but I found out on Monday night one thing that hasn’t changed is the exercise-induced asthma I’ve dealt with since the day I started running in 1994.
I’ve been running indoors on my treadmill the past few weeks, but Monday night we had the first running club outside- it was cold (too cold) but there were 8 women ready to run, so we did! We warmed up with a short walk, then started running. Plans were for everyone to run out the road for 1/2 mile, then we’d turn around and each person could choose to run and/or walk back.
Well, that plan fell apart for me 2 minutes into the run – my airways promptly closed up and I could not breathe! I knew from years past, there was nothing I could do but walk until I could breath easier. After a few minutes, I was able to jog for a short time, then I walked again and finished with a feeble jog – I think I jogged just shy of the desired half mile.
Then we went indoors and did some stretching – throughout the stretches, I had ‘coughing fits.’ I think my lungs finally cleared up about an hour later – ugh! I was disappointed, but thankfully I know from years past that with proper warmups and training, I can still run successfully.

As for the other 7 women – they all did great! Each one ran at least 1/2 mile, with most doing a mile.

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