Day of Prayer

Prayer for all the people in the path of wind, rain, water and more water. Prayer for all the officials, rescue and aid workers … For both safety and wisdom. Wisdom that the best choices would be made as to how to response to the myriad of situations this presents.

This hurricane seemed to come out of no where … I had not heard much about it, then suddenly New Orleans was under water. It is amazing how quickly an event can affect so many people. Sometimes watching the news it makes one feel like many, many people are looting, but a lot of the same footage is being shown again and again. If a family is starving, I can understand taking some food from a market or grocery store, if it would other wise spoil. But if one has to break a window or door to gain entry … that is wrong and also that then opens the place for anyone to take anything.

As a nation, we were concerned about the price of fuel and gas and we watched the activities across the world to see if and how much we might be affected. Little did we know, a weather disaster at home would bring more of a jump in the prices at the pump than anything overseas.

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