The Dailyness of Life

I’m not a real scheduled person – I like to go through life living spontaneously, but I’ve learned there are certain routine things I need to do for my mind, body and spirit to be their best. And all three are connected, so it affects all areas when one area is out of sync.
When it comes to my mind – one thing that keeps it sharp is good, challenging and new thoughts. And that can be from books, speakers or online information. (sometimes the challenge with online info is figuring out which is any good 🙂
When it comes to my body – unless I constantly think about and monitor what and how much I eat – I eat lousy and too much. I enjoy running and biking, but have a hard time working it into my days sometimes. And a big thing for me since I’ve been injured: I need to stretch morning and evening to keep my body flexible (well, as flexible as possible with injuries and now age working against me)
As for my spirit- reading and studying scripture is one key. Prayer is also important. I love talking to God when I’m outdoors – this is usually in a relaxed, rambling sort of way. But at times I like when my prayers are more focused. I tend to think sloppily when I pray silently. So I’ve discovered that writing on my computer is one of the best ways for me to have focused communicate with God and/or process life. I type with my eyes closed (he never complains about the mistakes) and it’s like I’m having a conversation with God. Typing the words I am thinking forces me to think in more detail – so what I am thinking becomes clearer to me and what I am saying to God is more focused.
And with my busy schedule recently, none of the above happened!
None! Zip! Zero!
Oh, my mind was challenged in a few directions – great talks at STORY and a few challenging talks with a counselor concerning some issues. But I didn’t have or give myself enough time to fully process either one.
I had some physical activity – walking at conferences and some while on the cruise, but not as consistent as I need to be. And the stretching – hardly did any and now I’m paying for it. And monitoring (or lack thereof) my food – I don’t even want to talk about that!
I talked to God through-out the past few weeks (often saying thank you for these sweet opportunities!) but never took the time to open my computer and write to him.
So this morning I’m thinking about the ‘dailyness’ of life – and to be honest, I’m slightly annoyed that most things are best when done daily. I would like if life worked this way (after all, I know best – right?) after being consistent for a few weeks, I could then totally relax and forget about it all for a week or two and not slip backwards in any area (the muscles won’t weaken, the connection with God would be as strong as ever, etc) Then when I’m ready and/or have time, I could just pick up again where I left off.
But I’ve discovered again and again – it doesn’t work that way!
As I type this I’m reminded of the six days God worked and then he rested. Why do I want to do life week by week – when the creator of all took life day by day? So maybe if I’m consistent for six days, I can relax one day a week. Hmm, that’s a thought …
Gosh, think the story of God and creation could show me the best way to live without getting frustrated about the dailyness of life?

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  1. Okay…LOVE the idea of closing your eyes and just typing your conversation with God. I'm totally going to do that. I need to be more physical, but I have to enjoy what I'm doing or I won't do it.

    Maybe I'll take up kick boxing again…

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