The Content Tree

I like this tree … it is just a few miles from my house. Years ago I had worked with the guy that lives at the house where the tree is. I ran into him at the local grocery store recently and I told him I admire the tree and he was happy to let me come by and take pictures of it. (though I’m sure he was thinking, all that morphine did affect this woman)

Though the trees behind it are changing, it is still green. It is calm and serene, it is not ‘huffing and puffing’ to become something that it is not yet. It is simply being content soaking up the beautiful afternoon sun and then again taking in the cool night air and in a few days or weeks the process of color change will happen naturally. I am also impressed with the relative small size of the trunk compared to the massive spread of the branches. The trunk can support the size of it only because the unseen roots underground are spread in all directions as far as the branches above. The roots supply the water and nutrients needed to keep the trunk strong and upright so it can continue to hold up the tree for all to see.

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