Grieving the Loss of Eleven Smiles

The oil spill (timeline) in the Gulf of Mexico is a big problem. It’s not good. It’s devastating in so many ways. 
There’s a lot of conversations happening about why the explosion happened and whose fault it is that the cleanup is not going faster and better. 
There’s plenty of criticism, jokes and cartoons flying everywhere. Yes, some/most/all of it might be deserved. This photo is now making the rounds. 
In the middle of all this, there are people grieving. Eleven lives were lost on April 20th – eleven smiles that the world won’t see again. 

Jason Anderson
Aaron Dale Burkeen
Donald Clark
Stephen Curtis
Roy Wyatt Kemp
Karl Kleppinger
Gordon Jones 
Blair Manuel 
Dewey Revette
Shane Roshto
Adam Weise

My thoughts are with the families and friends grieving the loss of Jason, Aaron, Donald, Stephen, Roy, Karl, Gordon, Blair, Dewey, Shane and Adam.  And I wonder if all the jokes, pictures, etc. adds to their pain.

A tribute to the eleven missing men
From YouTube – Oilfield workers catch a bad wrap but most don’t understand it is a way of life for us and once in a while some of our brothers pay the ultimate sacrifice. The song is by Trace Adkins, it’s called Missing You. Trace used to work for Transocean so it is fitting that his song speaks well about what we go through.

Here is a site where you can leave condolences for the worker’s families.

PS. Why is the YouTube video cut off in my post? Can’t wait for my new WordPress blog coming soon!

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