Chuck Norris was here!

Most days, I’m in a good state of mind – today is not one of those days. I’m annoyed – annoyed at my body, both the way it feels and the way it looks. I need a dress for my nephew’s wedding in VA next weekend and I don’t even feel like going shopping because of my limited options. Plus, it’s a dreary, damp day and that makes my legs/hips ache more than normal. And I find myself asking “Why?” all over again.

Wonder if I’d feel better if I wrote this on my leg today?
 Maybe something like this …
Yes, I feel better already … time to tackle the day!

5 thoughts on “Chuck Norris was here!”

  1. There is nothing I would like to do more today than to go shopping with you! Bag the work day (which I do way too often)!! Although this has been my busiest week in months, so here to work I am. Hope you find a dress! You always look so pretty! Love your clothes! Have a good day! xoxo KathyB

  2. I returned this morning in the hopes that you are having a better day and that you will find a dress that reflects the beauty and grace with which you walk the walk that life has brought your way.

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