Christmas Day is Over – How are You?

How are you … now that Christmas day is over? 
Was it what you thought it would be? Better? Worse?
If it was worse and/or life isn’t what you thought it would be – don’t give up. 
Never give up!  
For the majority of the world, the season of Jesus’ birth 2,000+ years ago was just another series of days. There was nothing special about it.
It was probably the same old, same old for most. 
They had no idea anything different happened. No idea about the hope that was born.  
If today is not good – if its the same old, same old dirt and you are sooo sick of it. Hang on – you don’t know when or where hope will be born. 
If the people 2,000+ years ago paid attention – they eventually heard about the hope that was born. 
Hope is available for you also. 
Be aware – look – seek – knock – ask!
Look beyond the dirt … and the familiar … and the usual. Be prepared to be surprised. 
I took this picture in Austin, TX (Dec ’08) at an event with about a hundred people. I watched for a time and no one else noticed this daisy right beside the pathway. Seeing it was one of my highlights of the day and I continue to experience hope from the memory of it. 
Be Aware!

You don’t know when or where or how hope will come.

What unlikely spot have you find hope?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day is Over – How are You?”

  1. Haven't spend our Christmas day yet. My dad had to work so we shift it over to today. All the presents are waiting for us to be opened.

    I love your picture and the lonely daisy. I'm gladd it cauth your eye. And beautiful small things like this can make your day.

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