Checkup at Georgetown

I went to Georgetown today to see my doctor for a checkup.

It was a good/bad day.

Here’s the explanation of good/bad …

Good … when he took my cast off and I was able to move my foot for the first time since the surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago, I was amazed how much easier it moved then before the surgery. There was no restriction of motion … it moved fully and freely, just like the other ankle with nothing stopping it.
Bad … it moved fully and freely, feeling very loose. While it is not too loose, it is loose and the tendon does need a lot more time to heal. I now have a regular cast that I will have for the next five weeks.
Good … I get a walking cast at my next visit on June 5th.
Bad … no weight allowed on my foot for five weeks and I can’t start physical therapy until after June 5th.

I do feel hopeful since seeing and feeling my foot move … I have hope that after the tendon is healed and I have done physical therapy, I will be able to walk with much less restriction and pain. Praise God!

As for the nerves … Dr. Ducic had worked on a sensitive nerve on the back of my left calf. It was not a nerve that gave me constant pain, but it was super sensitive when touched or bumped. Due to the cast since surgery, I didn’t know if that had helped. Today with the cast off, I was amazed how ‘normal’ the area felt … no more pain when touched. Praise God!
As for the surgery to decompress the nerve in my upper left leg, I have pain since surgery, but a different pain (prior to this accident, I had no idea there were so many different types of pain!) Before surgery I had a constant burning pain, now my thigh feels more like it is bruised. He said that sounds like it should at this time and it should continue to get better with time.

So, here’s what I need … prayer for contentment as I ‘wait’ on the Lord for healing and for … whatever He has for me to learn during this time.

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  1. I have been unable to keep up with your doings for a while due to some miserable health – but am pleased to come back to some positive news. Onward and upward with prayers for contentment!

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