Monday the 5th, I go to Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC for a check-up from my surgery. The plan is that I get a walking cast … I am so tired of these crutches. I will not miss the fact that ever time I want to get anything or go anywhere, I need to use two apparatuses to help me achieve what I want. I have also had a lot of discomfort and pain with this cast. I then start physical therapy, which I am thrilled to do, because doing physical therapy helps me feel ‘in control’ of my life 🙂

It will be a busy week … as I had mentioned Joseph qualified (yes!) for the National Tournament with the Debate league. Nationals are held at Patrick Henry College, which is about 30 miles west of DC. So Monday, we go down to the doctor, then head to the opening ceremonies on Monday evening. We all stay for debate on Tuesday … Joseph wants his brother and dad to see him debate 🙂 then Jerry heads home with the others on Tuesday eve and Joseph and I stay until Friday and come home with his debate partner and Mom. I know it will be a tiring week, but I want to be there for Joseph.

I will let you know how the check-up goes on Monday evening.

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