Catching Up

Wow, time flies when you are having fun. I don’t know how people that travel keep up with a blog. Even if I have extra time while traveling, I don’t think of writing a post- don’t know why. Guess I need to retrain my brain.
I had a great weekend  at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference. Beautiful facility. At the beach. Group of sweet women. Funny speaker, Cindy Foor. Heard about keeping our eyes focused on God as we surf the waves of life. Felt God’s amazing love. Love the team of 9 wonderful, hardworking women that helped me coordinate the retreat – what a joy to work with them!
I came home Sunday night, spent Monday getting things done at home and repacking. And going to my doctor because I started getting a rash on Saturday night at the retreat and by Monday morning my face was double the size and rashy all over 🙁  Am now on Prednisone – it’s helping, swelling and rash is better, but I still kinda look like a who from whoville. Ugh … great way to meet new people, everyone keeps saying, “You don’t look like your picture on Twitter or Facebook.”
That’s right, I don’t!
Flew to Chicago early Tuesday morning for a full, fun day. Took car, plane, train and bus to get from my house to a snazzy, cool church in Chicago for Cultivate 09.  Right in the heart of the city – they renovated an old warehouse. Met some neat people and learned some new stuff about being real and communicating Jesus to our communities.
Rented a car and drove to the airport to pick up two women that needed a ride (met them on Twitter) Drove 45 miles west of the city to Aurora. Now getting ready to spend the day at STORY.
The fun and excitement continues!
Hopefully today I will remember to take some pictures …

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  1. Hi, saw you on Margarets fan page…just love her stuff! I dont blog when I am traveling. I sure hope this rash of yours goes away!

    Funny thing…I am in God Whispers by Margaret and yesterday out of no where the old song (and verse) by Amy Grant came to mind…"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" I haven't heard that in a very long time. Now today, I hop onto your blog and there is the same verse! Neat how God works!

    It's nice "meeting" you!

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