Captivated by the Beach

We are all captivated by the beach because …
Each of the elements of the ocean is part of the character of God

The wind of the beach will gently push you onward,
As you hear gentle whispers in your ear that inspire you.

The warmth of the sun saturates you,
And fills every nook and cranny of your being.

The waves remind us of our ever changing lives,
By rising and falling gently with each one,
We are strengthen instead of crushed.

The grains of sand remind us, that alone we are small,
But combined with others, the options are endless …
– A place for young and old to play
– A soft resting place for the weary
– Some comfort for tired feet
– A barrier from storms

Combine the sounds of it all into one …
And it can turn most any restless heart,
Into a contented and peaceful state of being,
As it soothes, comforts and inspires.
And makes the impossible, possible.

– Janet Oberholtzer 4/06

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