Turns in the Path of Life

The path of life has many turns – and one thing about turns is that we should always keep learning or we’ll get lost and confused. Sometimes I learn things fast and other times, I learn incredibly slow – slow like the coffee pot on an early morning.

One thing I heard often as I was trying to come to grips with lifelong effects from injuries were the words of Romans 8:28, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him …”

Being slow to learn at times, plus being medicated for a few years post accident, caused me to be confused about this verse. This is what I used to think – God is good and God works in all things, so all things are good.

But I didn’t feel good, I hurt! I had constant pain. I was tired all the time. My scared legs made me sad. I couldn’t do what I used to do.

Because I was suffering – other suffering in the world lay heavy on me. (hint, don’t share stories of suffering with someone that is suffering)

And I was to see all this as good?

No, it wasn’t good and if God is ‘good’ like this, why should I love and/or follow him?

There were many steps and turns to a new understanding of that verse. Here’s one step in that process. I’m always open to learn more – hear me out, then share your thoughts.

One day, I heard a wise man say, “God does work all things for good, but that doesn’t mean all things are good!” – Dr. Art Wilt

Physically, I had been saved by paramedics – now spiritually, I was saved by Dr. Art, my pastor who used to be a paramedic. I began to understand how backwards I had been looking at that verse.

Accidents/injuries/diseases/abuse/bad choices – none are good! But God is love and God is good and he has the power to make something good come from them. I can be real and honest about the disappointments and pain of life – I don’t need to pretend or force myself to think its good, when its not!

God is good and God is love – he doesn’t cause all things to happen, but he can use something from all things for good. This thought made me want to seek him again and ask him what good can come from this nasty turn in my life.

I’ve learned a lot and have seen good come from it. I still wish I could have learned what I learned in another way, but I’m content to trust him to show me what good can continue to come from it.

Your thoughts?

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