Incorrect Positions

The technology of X-rays isn’t new, but it still fascinates me. With the click of a button or two – my doctor has pictures of my bones. Cool – isn’t it?
My back and neck x-rays taken last month.
Other than some occasional aches, I don’t have major issues going on with my back and neck, but I wanted to make sure all was well as I plan to increase the length of my runs this year.
These are the first thorough x-rays of my back since my bad accident (5+ years ago) and what he found surprised me. He pointed out a few vertebrae that show healed fractures. I don’t recall being told about broken bones in my back post-accident. Maybe I forgot – after all, I was on a zillion meds. Or maybe my doctors at the time didn’t see them. Or they saw them and decided by the time I am walking, they would be healed.
Two vertebrae that show fractures have healed well, but another one healed out of line. At this time, I don’t have pain in that area, just tightness and discomfort. Pain could happen down the road if nothing is done. This doctor/chiropractor is confident that he can correct this issue with adjustments and therapy. I like and trust this guy (and am now annoyed I didn’t go to him sooner) Years ago he saved my husband from needing back surgery when other doctors told him that surgery was the only option.
“I have to gently force your muscles and bone out of the incorrect position they’ve been in the past few years.” He pointed at the x-rays. “This vertebrae needs to be in the position the others are. It’s strong and won’t move easily, but with continued force, it will need to.”
“Force?” … I cringe in pain.
“Yes, the adjustments will be painful, but doable. And once it’s in the position it needs to be, your back will have more flexibility and will be able to handle the impacts of life – walking, bending, running, lifting – better.”
Driving home, I become aware of how many of those concepts apply to other areas of my life – ranging from health habits to spiritual concepts to emotional baggage.
Anything that is in an incorrect position for years will not want to move – it will be a painful process to change. It will take force. There will be pain. But with gentle force it will need to move.
And once the area that was in an incorrect position is corrected – it will have more flexibility and will be able to handle the impacts of life better. 
The doctor knows what to do for my back based on the x-rays. If only, I could take an x-ray of my thoughts and emotions as easy as my bones. A new invention is needed! Seeing all the incorrect positions would make it easier to know what adjustments are needed. 
A gentle nudge in my conscious – and I’m reminded … 
X-rays of the soul and mind have been invented. These x-rays even come with promises of wisdom and strength to make the needed adjustments. 
These x-rays go by the name “spirit” – Spirit of my amazing creator that lives in me.  
Any adjustments needed in your world – body, mind or spirit?

6 thoughts on “Incorrect Positions”

  1. Can't wait to see where your Dream Year takes you. THANKS for this I think after alot of years I am getting that gentle nudge and finally responding.

  2. Hmmm…funny how God will sometimes answer questions in bits and pieces, revealing answers to us as our hearts are ready to receive them.

    This may seem like a normal post for you, but to me, it spoke volumes as an answer to questions I've been asking God about healing of the heart and spirit. Like why didn't healing come directly after the painful time, why now, decades later? Because I didn't know I needed it, and because gentle force is needed.

    I'm only finishing the puzzle piece by piece, but He knows the complete picture of what it will look like when it's done, my life. LOL–sometimes still a puzzle to me, but for Him, He's the Author and Finisher.

    Thanks for an enlightening post. VERY enlightening.


  3. Oh how we wish that those adjustments could happen without pain, but we need to trust that we are in the best hands, and He knows exactly what He's doing!

    Even Jesus "for the glory set before Him" endured the pain of the cross…

    I pray that we stand strong and don't "wimp out" and allow God to do what He must do in each of or lives.

    Great post!

  4. That's a great analogy, Janet. Sometimes having a direct physical comparison helps us to grasp spiritual concepts better. This is an example of that. I will be thinking about which spiritual bones are out of alignment on my drive in to work this morning!

    Blessings to you.

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