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I have always loved to read and I was thrilled recently when I heard two friends, Pearl and Mary talking about starting a book club, so I volunteered to do it at my house. We had our first meeting, basically a brain-storming session, last week. A lot of my friends are also readers, so there were eight of us here. Though we are all readers, we each have a certain type of book that we tend to gravitate to. I like current authors, Lynne and Mary are fascinated with classics, Lisa generally only reads books about the middle ages (why?) and Deborah likes happy endings. One of the desires expressed by most of us for being in a book club is to broaden our reading selections. After some discussions, we settled on meeting once a month, having good coffee (we had wonderful fresh-roasted Guatemala coffee, because Lynne’s husband just started roasting coffee beans and he generously shared some) and reading a book from a different genre each month. Also, we like Pearl’s idea of discussing the book by each one coming prepared to read their favorite paragraph or two and telling us why they like that part. We are starting with a classic … ‘To Kill a Mockingbird”. We always have room for more, if you want to join us, either in person or online with comments, we would love to have you.

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