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Once upon a time I decided I wanted to be a part of this …
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12 Days of Community = promoting twelve blogs that we appreciate. I wrote two posts promoting fellow bloggers – Billy Coffey and S. Etole and then I didn’t get anything else written. Today I hope to remedy that by promoting ten other blogs I read regularly …

22 Words by Abraham Piper – Love the thoughts he expresses in 22 words (give or take a few)
Barefoot from Heaven by Dagmar – Beautiful photos and words.
Flowerdust by Anne Jackson – She’s funny and real, plus she bikes and runs. And I got to be her driver for an hour this fall. (hope Anne doesn’t remember I was late) 
History in the Making by Ben Arment – He’s innovative, smart and (drumroll please!) he’s my coach 
Kids, Twins and Laundry Bins by Elizabeth Esther – She’s sharp, sassy and has substance. 
Rachel Held Evans by Rachel Held Evans – She likes coffee and I was thrilled to find her site and realize I’m not alone in my non-Calvinist thoughts. Love this line from a recent post of hers … “I believe that God is in control. I do not believe that God controls.
Ramblings and Such by Bryan Allain – He’s funny, local and likes the Amish. And he recently ran a half-marthon.
Rants and Ramblings on Life as a literary Agent by Rachelle Gardner – Great info about writing and publishing.
Religion, Culture, Pocket Guides and The Life of a Working Writer by Jason Boyett – He’s funny, and honest … and honest and funny and he competes in triathlon. (did I mention he’s funny and honest?)
Seth Godin’s Blog by Seth Godin – Love his efficiency with words – his posts are short, but powerful.

7 thoughts on “Blogs I read”

  1. Hi there Janet. I'm thrilled to see you've picked my blog as one of your favorites. You really put a smile to my face.

    Many thanks for your open and bright reviews about my new Photography names. It's good to hear from English talking folks what they think of it. So refeshing and mind opening.
    I do think I'll stick to SilverCloudPhotography. Because it has such a nice roll of the tongue as my friend Beverly mentioned.
    But I'll sit on it for a while and let it get totally me.
    Sweet hugs my friend. Have happy days. And thanks for believing in me it gives me strenght.

  2. Oh, so good of you to get the last 10 in! I managed to run out of time at post 7. 🙂

    What amazed me most here was how few of these I recognize. It reminds me yet again just what a huge place the blogosphere is!

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