Beautiful Weather!

Today my corner of the world, in southeast Pennsylvania was given a surprise! The sun was bright and beautiful – the temperate was close to 50 degrees (about 45 degrees warmer than the 3 degrees we had on Saturday morning)
I usually don’t ran two days in a row and since I had run yesterday – today was just going to be an easy walking day. BUT with the weather so nice – I had to get out there (sorry Doc) I drove to my local state park and did the workout next in line for me on the Runner’s World Beginning Runner’s Training Program. I ran 3 minutes and walked 1 minute – 7 times in a row. My lower legs and ankles felt okay, but my upper legs and hips hurt! But I kept reminding myself that I’m fortunate to even be walking and that by taking one step at a time, I could do it!
Step by step I was able to finish it – and the end result was a feeling of accomplishment and joy. Plus, there’s something about being outside that just fills my soul!

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