YES – YES – YES!!! I just ran about 3/4 mile!

Three weeks of no running – but lots of ice, walking, ice, exercises and stretching – did I say ice? I hardly felt any pain from it the last two or three days, so I felt safe trying to run today. I warmed up by walking for 10 minutes, then slowly, slowly began jogging – I was scared for the first minute, then I was thrilled, because I had no pain. No pain for the first 2 minutes – then I walked a minute to make sure that muscle was stretched out and then ran 3 minutes. At that time I felt a slight pull in it, so I walked for another minute. Then I run 3 1/2 minutes two times, walking a minute in between because I could feel some pulling/pain in the muscle. I was hoping to run more, to run a full mile, but I knew it was enough for the strained muscle today. (plus, Jerry kept saying don’t you think that’s enough about a hundred times) The rest of my body felt great and I wanted to keep going … really wanted to keep going! But I did the sensible thing and quit before I re-injured it. I’m icing it now and it feels fine.

Happy Runner!

Yes, the stained muscle is on my right leg, not by ‘bad’ left leg. But the right leg was also severely injured. The femur was shattered – a 15in rod is permanently in the middle of it. And the inside of my knee was bruised so bad that it was black/blue/red/purple for months.

Looking forward to seeing how far I can run tomorrow!

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