August List

The first half of August has been very busy for me … good, but busy.

  • Went to a cabin the 1st to the 4th with my family – Dad, Mom, 4 sisters, 3 brother-in-laws, 12 nieces/nephews – noisy, hot, no air-conditioning, too much food – but family is family.
  • Had a highschool graduation party for Joshua on the 6th. It was a perfect evening, the weather, the food, the people, the fun and most important he was blessed and honored.
  • A birthday luncheon, an anniversary dinner and a committee meeting sprinkled in.
  • A day at my house with my mom, my aunt, 3 sisters and 2 cousins. We tried to make old-fashioned rugs like our grandmother used to make. We didn’t get very far, so in Sept. we will try again.
  • Camping at Lake George, NY the 10th to the 13th. Jerry and I went kayaking for about 3 hours on the Schroon River. I loved it and am dreaming/planning to go on some daylong kayaking trips in the future (hopefully)
  • Last day of physical therapy was on the 9th – My ankle is feeling good, still weak, but doing much better. I am having less pain overall, praise God. I am walking, biking (slowly and carefully) kayaking and savoring each moment of painfree movement I have. Generally free from constant sharp or burning pain, but still deal with a lot of discomfort and tiredness.
  • I completed an online writing course and was pleased with the instructions and comments from the instructor. Now I am ready to finish writing the story (book, maybe) of our trip around the country, our accident, my injuries and the journey of my recovery.

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  1. It sounds good – well done on the writing course – and on your exercise progress
    On the rug making – I was thinking the other day I should dig out a half finished rug I started as a student, if only I can find it I might!

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