Another Chapter in my Recovery

I have scheduled a surgery on my left leg … another chapter in my recovery. It will be in three weeks on Thursday, April 13th at Georgetown University Hospital in Washingtown, DC. I will be in the hospital for a night or two.

After a consultation a few weeks ago, I had to process/pray/think/decide about my options.

This is what will happen, one time in the operating room (I’ve been there enough:) with two procedures planned …
Dr. Sauer (orthopedic surgeon, specializing in feet & ankles) will stretch the Achilles tendon and release the joint capsule to give me more movement in my left ankle. I have been confident that I want to have that surgery, but I had some reservations about the surgery on the damaged nerve in my upper leg. Dr. Ducic, a neurologist, said that he could cut the nerve that is giving me a lot of burning pain. I will then have a numb area on my thigh. Though he had assured me it won’t affect the function of my leg, I was concerned about that … because once you cut a nerve it is gone 🙁

Well, God is good and he provided me with someone to talk to that could give me first hand experience. Jerry’s brother-in-law’s friend (did you get that:) was injured in an accident about 6 years ago and he had a wound on his upper leg that severed a nerve. He didn’t have to decide whether or not to cut it … it was cut during the accident. I talked to him yesterday and he saw no problem with me having the surgery, because he has no issues with his upper leg functioning properly and the numb spot doesn’t bother him at all. He confirmed what Dr. Ducic told me should happen … the area that is numb is getting smaller as some other nerves of the leg have taken over some of the numb area. Our bodies have been created in an amazing way, to heal themselves. Also, he said he has no pain … no pain, that is hard to imagine! I know I will still have other aches and pains due to all the injuries I had, but the worst of my pain, the constant burning, is from this damaged nerve.

So after the conversation with him, I called the surgery coordinators and everything is set to happen on the 13th, after that I will have a cast and be on crutches for 6 weeks 🙁 then a walking cast for 6 more weeks and then physical therapy. I have other ways I would rather spend my spring and early summer, but I look forward to the end results.

Since finalizing everything this morning … I have had a few moments of “I don’t want to do this, yes I do, no, yes, maybe …” But that is just my ‘surface feelings’ … I do have peace about it and I want the end result of less pain and more movement (hopefully)

Tomorrow I go for the pre-op tests at my local doctor, so the process begins …

I ask you for your prayers as I prepare for and go through this process. Thank you.

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  1. I will defenitly pray for you and I know a little what you are going through.I have a cast now and I had surgery on my foot,stuck in a cast 5 weeks with no end near and it is frustrating but you just have to pray,[email protected]

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