Advil and Ice Packs

When I ‘came to’ in the hospital about 12 days after the accident, I saw that both my legs were in bandages from my hips to my ankles. I remember thinking that they must have decided to put dressings everywhere because that was easier than putting a few small ones where needed. I figured there was no way there were injuries everywhere. I was surprised each time they changed a different portion of the bandages and I saw there were wound or fractures everywhere. I realized that almost every inch of my legs was injured!
Thankfully none of the bones in my knees were broken or dislocated, though they were so badly bruised that some areas of my skin are now stained from being black/blue for so long. For about a year, I couldn’t kneel on them at all, but after the bruising healed, they’ve felt pretty good.

Since I’ve begun running, my knees have not given me much trouble … until now 🙁 I ran a small hill last week to see if I could. My legs were sore the next day and both of my knees hurt. I babied them for a few days – my legs recovered and I thought my knees were feeling pretty good also. But partway through Monday night’s run – my right knee started protesting. I tried to ignore it – and walked more than I planned to. But my stubbornness kicked in at the end and I ran the last 1/2 mile with severe pain – I should have walked! My pain level Monday night was a 10+.
Advil and ice packs were my friends yesterday. This morning I have very little pain when walking on a level surface, but doing steps still hurts!
I’m not going to run today – because tomorrow I’m meeting the Reading Eagle photographer at Gring’s Mill to take some pics of me running. I’m hoping I can!

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