7 Women 7 Stories

Anne Beiler and her mother dancing during intermission.

This past weekend I attended 7 Women 7 Stories – first conference hosted by Anne Beiler – the soft pretzel queen . Anne believes in the power of sharing our stories to help ourselves heal, along with encouraging others to be real about their own stories. Though the details of each of our stories is different, we often experience similar feelings and by sharing we can help each other process the good, bad and ugly of our lives and then move forward freer and stronger than before.

Anne had a lot of good points – here’s one …

Growing up, Anne thought ‘Life is good, God is harsh.’
Now she knows that – ‘God is good, life is hard, Don’t confuse the two!’

The difference between those two statements is vast. If God is good, why do we blame him and/or make him responsible for the hard/bad things in our lives?

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